Focus On: Combination Safe Lock Screen

Do you want a new and safe way to lock your phone that no one else can guess? Most of us use common ways to lock our phones, but these are often easy to figure out. If you want a different and special way to protect your phone, we have the perfect solution for you. … Read more

Focus On: Tresorit Free Storage App Details

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Focus On: Auto Caller Name Announcer

The Auto Caller Name Announcer is an app for Android phones that tells you who is calling or texting without you looking at your phone. This app is very helpful, especially when you are busy or driving. Official Details Key Features Caller Name Announcement The Caller Name Announcer says the name of the person calling … Read more

Bring Back Memories with the Nokia 5300 Launcher

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Play Store Nokia 5300 Launcher App

Transform your smartphone with the Nokia 5300 Launcher! Enjoy the classic Nokia look and T9 keypad. Over 100K downloads. Customizable settings. Relive the nostalgia!