Bring Back Memories with the Nokia 5300 Launcher

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Do you love old Nokia phones? Do you miss the look and feel of the Nokia 5300? If so, there’s an app just for you! The NOKIA 5300 LAUNCHER changes your smartphone to look like a Nokia 5300. It brings back the old Nokia style that many people loved.

App Information

  • Where to Get It: Play Store
  • Downloads: Over 100,000
  • Size: 37MB
  • Made By: Color Studios
  • App Policy: Link to Policy
  • Contact Email:
  • Release Date: November 23, 2022
  • Last Update: October 26, 2023

Important Note

This app is made by fans and is not connected to Nokia Corporation. It does not have any official link with Nokia.

Features of the Nokia 5300 Launcher

Classic Nokia Theme

The LAUNCHER FOR NOKIA 5300 THEME gives your smartphone the old Nokia 5300 home screen style. It brings back the retro look that many people remember.

T9 Keypad

The T9 NOKIA 5300 KEYPAD is one of the best features. You can use a Nokia-style keyboard right on your home screen. You can dial numbers directly like in the old days with the T9 keypad.

Nokia Home Screen Style

The NOKIA HOME SCREEN STYLE brings back the old Nokia user interface. It has the classic icons and layout, making your phone look like a Nokia 5300.

Hot Key Navigation

With HOT KEY NAVIGATION, you can quickly access important functions:

  • Top: Flashlight
  • Right: Camera
  • Bottom: Contacts
  • Left: Message

Custom Settings

The launcher offers a SETTINGS SCREEN WITH MANY OPTIONS. You can change your wallpaper, phone name, and choose a Nokia theme for your Android phone.

Easy Switching

You can easily switch back to your default launcher by LONG PRESSING THE END CALL BUTTON.

The Nokia 5300 Launcher by Color Studios is great for those who want the classic Nokia look and feel on their modern smartphones. With over 100,000 downloads, many people enjoy this nostalgic experience. If you love the old Nokia style, try this launcher!

For more details, visit the Play Store and download the Nokia 5300 Launcher today. If you have any questions or need help, contact the developer at

Enjoy your trip down memory lane with the Nokia 5300 Launcher!