Keep Your Files Safe with Feffveez Mobile Vault App

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In today’s world, privacy is very important. Our phones have many personal things like photos, videos, and audio files. To keep these safe, you need a good app. Feffveez has made a great app for this: a mobile vault app that hides your personal files and keeps them safe.

Easy Privacy App

Feffveez Mobile Vault is made to hide your photos, videos, audio files, and notes. This app is perfect if you want to keep your private things safe from others.

It has over 100K+ DOWNLOADS and is available on the PLAY STORE. The app is small, only 5MB, so it is easy to download and use on any phone.

How It Works

When you install the Feffveez Mobile Vault app, you need to set a 6-DIGIT PASSCODE. This passcode is needed to open the app, so only you can use it.

The app looks like an AUDIO MANAGER INTERFACE. To open the secret vault, you need to TAP AND HOLD on the Audio Manager title. This is a special trick that only you will know, making it extra safe.

Main Features

The Feffveez Mobile Vault app has several features to keep your personal data safe:

  1. HIDE PHOTOS: Keep your personal photos safe and hidden.
  2. HIDE VIDEOS: Store your private videos securely.
  3. HIDE AUDIO FILES: Protect your audio files from others.
  4. SAVE PRIVATE NOTES: Keep your private notes safe.
  5. PRIVACY OF PASSCODE: Use a 6-digit passcode to lock the app.
  6. FAKE PASSCODE: Set a fake passcode to show an empty vault if someone tries to open the app without your permission.

Extra Security Features

The Feffveez Mobile Vault app does more than just hide your files. The FAKE PASSCODE feature is very helpful if someone sees you using the app.

With this feature, you can enter a different passcode that opens an empty vault, making it look like there are no hidden files.

Stay Updated

The Feffveez Mobile Vault app was first released on APRIL 1, 2021. The latest update was on AUGUST 22, 2023, keeping the app current with the latest security features and improvements.

Contact Information

For more details about the app’s policies, you can visit the app policy document here. If you have any questions or need help, you can contact the developer at

If you want to keep your personal files safe, the Feffveez Mobile Vault app is a great choice. Its easy-to-use interface, strong security features, and small size make it perfect for anyone who cares about their privacy. Download it today from the Play Store and start protecting your personal data.