Focus On: Auto Caller Name Announcer

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The Auto Caller Name Announcer is an app for Android phones that tells you who is calling or texting without you looking at your phone. This app is very helpful, especially when you are busy or driving.

Official Details

Key Features

Caller Name Announcement

The Caller Name Announcer says the name of the person calling or texting you. This is very useful because you can know who is calling or texting without looking at your phone. It works with any Text to Speech (TTS) engine and supports many languages.

Flashlight Alerts

The app also makes your phone’s flashlight blink when you get a call or text message. This is great if you need a visual alert.

Customizable Settings

You can change many settings in the app to make it work the way you want:

  • Speed of Announcement: Change how fast the app says the caller’s name.
  • Repeat Mode: Choose how many times the app repeats the announcement.
  • Silent Mode: Turn off announcements when your phone is in silent mode.
  • Custom Ringtones and Volume: Set different ringtones and volumes for different contacts.

Language Support

The app supports many languages. It can announce caller names and text messages in different languages.

How It Works

The Caller Name Announcer uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to say the name of the caller or the sender of an SMS. It even reads out the content of the SMS, so you know what the message says without looking at your phone. This feature is very useful when you are busy or cannot reach your phone right away.

App Policies and Agreements

  • Privacy Policy: Link
  • End User License Agreement: Link
  • CCPA Privacy Notice: Link
  • Copyrights Policy: Link

The Auto Caller Name Announcer is a helpful app for Android users. With over 500K downloads and many good reviews, it is a trusted choice for anyone who wants to improve their phone.

Whether you are driving, busy with work, or just want to know who is calling or texting without looking at your phone, this app is a great solution.

Best of all, it is free and available on the Google Play Store. Try it today and enjoy having your phone announce calls and texts for you.