Shreddit Data Eraser: The Best Tool to Keep Your Data Safe

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In today’s digital world, it’s very important to keep our personal information safe. With over 1 million downloads, Shreddit Data Eraser is a popular app that helps users securely delete files on their Android devices, making sure they cannot be recovered. Developed by PalmTronix, this powerful tool ensures your data stays private.

What is Shreddit?

Shreddit is an Android app that permanently deletes files from your device’s internal and external storage. This app uses advanced methods to erase large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. At just 6MB, Shreddit is small and easy to use, without any background services slowing down your device.

Key Features of Shreddit

Secure Data Deletion

Shreddit uses several proven methods to make sure your data is completely destroyed. Here are some of the methods used by the app:

  • British HMG IS5 (3 times)
  • US DoD 5220.22 (3 times)
  • German VSITR (7 times)
  • Russian GOST P50739 (2 times)
  • NIST 800-88 (2 times)
  • Zero Filler
  • One Filler (Secure Erase)
  • Random Filler (Pseudo Random Numbers)

These methods make sure that once data is deleted using Shreddit, it cannot be recovered.

Easy File Management

Shreddit works well with your device’s built-in file manager and popular third-party file explorers like ES File Explorer. Simply select the files you want to delete, share them with Shreddit, and the app will handle the rest.

Media Files Preview

Before deleting your media files, Shreddit allows you to preview them, making sure you don’t delete anything by mistake. This feature works well with photo managers like Google Photos, making it easy to select and shred your images and videos.

Known Issues

  • After shredding a media file, you might still see its thumbnail in the gallery. However, the actual content is permanently deleted. A quick media rescan will update the thumbnails.
  • To shred files on an external SD card in devices running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later, root access is required.

Compliance and Policies

Shreddit follows all Google’s policies to ensure a safe and reliable user experience. For more details, you can review the Google Play Store Developer Policy.

Shreddit Data Eraser is a must-have tool for anyone looking to protect their personal information on Android devices. With its strong data deletion methods, easy integration with file managers, and secure erasure, Shreddit provides safety in today’s data-sensitive world.

To learn more about Shreddit and download the app, visit the official site. If you have any questions or need support, you can contact the developers at

Stay safe and keep your data secure with Shreddit!