Quick Arc Launcher 2: Your Easy App Shortcut

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Have you ever felt frustrated when you couldn’t find the app you needed quickly? Well, Quick Arc Launcher 2 can solve that problem!

This app helps you open your favorite apps in just 2 seconds. Let’s explore why Quick Arc Launcher 2 is a great choice for your phone.

What’s Cool About It

App NameQuick Arc Launcher 2
Ware FindPlay Store
Offered byKEICE SOFT
Released onJan 11, 2016

Fast and Simple

Quick Arc Launcher 2 lets you set up your most-used apps and shortcuts. You can easily access them with a simple swipe, thanks to its fan-shaped layout. It’s super easy to use, especially with your thumb!

Handy Features

This app has some neat tricks, like:

  • Keeping Your Setup: Save your favorite launcher setup.
  • Organizing Apps: Arrange your apps on different pages.
  • Sending Messages: You can message your friends on LINE directly from the app.

Easy Design

Quick Arc Launcher 2 is inspired by the folding fans in Japan. It’s made to be easy for everyone to use.

Try Before You Buy

You can try Quick Arc Launcher 2 for free for 93 days. After that, you can choose to:

  • Get a Premium License: No time limit, works on all Android versions.
  • Pick an Android OS License: Works for specific Android versions (like 8.0/8.1, 9.0, etc.).
  • Watch a video to extend the free trial.
  • Stick with the free version, but with a limit of 8 apps.
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Works With Your Phone


The app only needs permission to make direct calls, nothing else.


There are a few rules for how you can swipe on the screen.


If you have a Huawei or LeTV (EUI OS) phone, you might need to adjust your settings so the app doesn’t get stopped.

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Easy Access for All

Quick Arc Launcher 2 uses a simple service to make using your phone easier. It doesn’t collect any personal info. So, try it out and enjoy a faster, simpler phone experience!