Transform Images to PDFs with our PDF Maker App!

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Looking for an effortless way to convert images to PDF files? Look no further! With the powerful “Image to PDF – PDF Maker” app, you can easily convert various image formats, including jpg, jpeg, png, and more, into PDFs.

Best of all, it’s completely free and user-friendly. Let’s explore the amazing features this app offers for all your PDF conversion needs.

Convert All Kinds of Images to PDF:

Whether you have important notes, receipts, invoices, forms, business cards, certificates, whiteboards, or ID cards, this app supports them all. Simply import images or scan paper files with your camera and effortlessly convert them to PDFs.

Edit and Optimize Images:

The app provides advanced editing options, allowing you to resize, crop, doodle, and rotate images as you desire. You can optimize images to ensure the best possible PDF output.

Auto Sorting and Manual Sorting:

Organize your files with ease. The app automatically sorts images and PDF files based on name, size, created date, or modified date. If you prefer, you can manually sort them as well.

Compress PDF Files:

Worried about large PDF sizes? No problem! The app supports compression, so you can reduce the PDF size as needed. Simply choose the image quality (low, medium, high, or original) that suits your requirements.

Password Protection:

Keep your sensitive files safe by setting passwords for your PDFs. Encrypt confidential documents before sharing to prevent unauthorized access.

Work Offline:

No need to worry about data security. The entire conversion process happens offline, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind.

Easy Sharing:

Share your converted PDF files effortlessly via social media, Bluetooth, email, or quick share options.

Quick Search Function:

Finding your files is a breeze with the quick search function. Just enter keywords, and the app will display the results automatically.

Continuous Improvements:

We are dedicated to optimizing the app and enhancing the user experience. Your feedback is invaluable, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at with any suggestions.

Transform Images to PDFs with our PDF Maker App!


In conclusion, “Image to PDF – PDF Maker” is the ultimate tool for converting images to PDFs with ease and efficiency. This powerful and reliable app doubles as a PDF editor and scanner, ensuring the safety of your files throughout the process.

Best of all, it’s entirely free and has no limitations, making it your first choice for all PDF conversions. Experience the convenience and versatility of this full-featured image to PDF converter today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Image to PDF – PDF Maker

What is “Image to PDF – PDF Maker”?

“Image to PDF – PDF Maker” is a user-friendly and powerful mobile application that allows you to convert various image formats, such as jpg, jpeg, png, etc., into PDF files. It’s an efficient tool for converting images to PDFs, and it’s completely free to use.

How can I use the app to convert images to PDFs?

Using the app is simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps:

a. Install the “Image to PDF – PDF Maker” app from your app store.
b. Open the app and select the images you want to convert from your gallery or scan paper files using your camera.
c. Customize the images by resizing, cropping, doodling, or rotating them to your preference.
d. Click on the “Convert” button, and your images will be transformed into a PDF file.

What types of images does the app support for conversion?

The app supports a wide range of image formats, including jpg, jpeg, png, and many more. Whether it’s photos, receipts, business cards, or documents, the app can convert them all to PDFs.

Can I organize the PDF files created with the app?

Absolutely! The app offers both automatic and manual sorting options. It can automatically sort PDF files based on name, size, created date, modified date, and more. If you prefer, you can manually arrange the files according to your specific preferences.

Is there a way to reduce the PDF file size?

Yes, the app provides a PDF compression feature that allows you to reduce the file size without compromising quality. You can choose from different image quality settings (low, medium, high, or original) to optimize the output as needed.

Can I protect my PDF files with a password?

Yes, you can enhance the security of your PDF files by setting passwords. This way, you can safeguard sensitive documents and prevent unauthorized access to them.

Is the app available for offline use?

Absolutely! The entire conversion process takes place offline, ensuring that your data stays secure and private. There’s no need to send any data to the cloud.

How can I share the converted PDF files with others?

Sharing your converted PDF files is effortless with the app. You can use various methods, including social media, Bluetooth, email, and quick share options, to share PDF files with your friends, family, or colleagues.

Can I find my files quickly within the app?

Yes, the app features a quick search function that allows you to find your target files easily. Just enter relevant keywords, and the app will automatically display the search results.

How often does the app get updated?

We are dedicated to continually improving the app and enhancing the user experience. We strive to provide regular updates with new features and optimizations. Your feedback is valuable, so please share any suggestions or ideas with us at

Experience the convenience and versatility of “Image to PDF – PDF Maker” now! Convert images to PDFs with ease and efficiency, and enjoy the benefits of this powerful, free app.

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