NoBlueTick App 2024: Your Solution to Stealthy Messaging!

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In today’s digital age, privacy is paramount, especially when it comes to our messaging habits. We all have those moments when we want to read messages without the sender knowing we’ve seen them.

Whether it’s avoiding an awkward conversation or simply maintaining a sense of privacy, the NoBlueTick app has got you covered.

NoBlueTick, developed by Ahmed Awadallah and available on the Play Store, is designed for individuals who prefer to keep their message reading habits under wraps.

With over 500K downloads since its release on January 17, 2021, this app has quickly gained popularity among users seeking discreet communication.

Play Store 2024 Details for NoBlueTick App

Publish byGoogle Play Store
DeveloperAhmed Awadallah
Nowadays Installs500K
Released onJan 17, 2021

How To Works NoBlueTick App?

The concept behind NoBlueTick app is simple yet ingenious. When you receive a message from popular chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Viber, it also appears within the NoBlueTick interface.

You can then read these messages at your leisure without triggering read receipts or last seen indicators on the sender’s end.

Messages are encrypted on your device, ensuring that NoBlueTick cannot directly access them. Instead, the app reads messages from notifications, creating a backup based on your notification history.

This method allows users to maintain their privacy while staying informed about their messages.

2024 Features for No Last Read app

Invisible Message Reading: NoBlueTick hides read receipts, last seen indicators, and blue double ticks, ensuring that your message activity remains discreet.

Message Backup: Deleted messages from WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, and other chat apps are securely stored within the NoBlueTick app, allowing users to retrieve important information without detection.

Chat Heads: The app offers chat heads, displaying unread messages in small bubbles on your screen. This feature enables users to stay updated on incoming messages without interrupting their current tasks.

Customizable Settings: Users can enable or disable NoBlueTick for specific chat apps, giving them control over their privacy preferences on a per-app basis.

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It’s important to note that NoBlueTick operates as a workaround and may encounter limitations due to various factors, including the messaging app or Android OS restrictions:

Notification Dependency: Since messages are read from notifications, NoBlueTick may not capture messages if the chat is on silent mode or if the user is actively viewing messages within the messaging app.

Android System Settings: Android’s battery optimization services may affect NoBlueTick’s performance. Users are advised to remove the app from all battery optimization settings to ensure smooth operation.


NoBlueTick is an independent application and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber. All trademarks displayed within the app belong to their respective owners.


For anyone seeking enhanced privacy in their messaging habits, NoBlueTick offers a convenient solution. Whether you’re dodging read receipts or simply prefer to read messages incognito, this NoBlueTick app provides a seamless experience without compromising your privacy.

With its intuitive design and customizable features, NoBlueTick is a must-have for anyone who values discretion in their digital communications.

For more information on Google’s recommended policies for applications like NoBlueTick, you can refer to Google’s Developer Content Policy.

Developer Contact:

For inquiries or feedback regarding NoBlueTick, you can reach out to the developer via email at

Try NoBlueTick today and take control of your messaging privacy!