Make Your Phone’s Notch Useful with Touch The Notch – Custom Notch

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Ever wonder what that space around your phone’s front camera is for? Well, now you can make it super useful! Touch The Notch – Custom Notch is a free app that does just that.

Released on Mar 26, 2024, and updated regularly, this handy app from Cloudzone Apps INC is small, just 8MB, and easy to get with over 100 downloads.

What Can Touch The Notch – Custom Notch Do?

This cool app turns your phone’s camera cutout (the notch) into a button that can do lots of things. It makes using your phone easier and more fun!

Publish byPlay Store
DeveloperCloudzone Apps INC
Nowadays Installs100+
Released onMar 26, 2024

What It Does:


  • Take Screenshots: Snap a picture of your screen with one tap.
  • Turn on Flashlight: Use your phone as a flashlight instantly.
  • Access Power Menu: Get to your phone’s power options quickly.


  • Open Camera: Open your camera app fast.
  • Open Apps: Go straight to your favorite apps.
  • Switch Between Apps: Move between the apps you’ve used recently.


  • Control Screen Rotation: Turn screen rotation on or off easily.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode: Silence your phone when you need peace and quiet.


  • Scan QR Codes: Scan codes quickly.
  • Fast Browser: Open websites fast.


  • Speed Dial: Call your favorite numbers fast.


  • Play or Pause Music: Control your music easily.
  • Skip Songs: Move to the next or previous song.


  • Lock Screen: Turn your screen off easily.
  • Adjust Brightness: Change how bright your screen is.
  • Change Ringer Mode: Set your phone to silent, sound, or vibrate.

And more! You can do lots of other things too, like opening settings and controlling notifications.

Make It Yours:

Choose from lots of notch designs and change the colors, sizes, and positions. Make your notch unique!

How It Works:

Touch The Notch – Custom Notch uses a special part of your phone’s system to do its cool stuff. It’s easy and safe to use.

So, if you want to make your phone’s notch awesome, try Touch The Notch – Custom Notch! Get it from the Play Store today and enjoy using your phone even more.

For more info, visit the app’s site here or email the developers at

With Touch The Notch – Custom Notch, your phone will be even cooler!