Play Store: WhatsApp Video and Audio Call Block App Free 2024!

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Are you tired of being disturbed by unwanted calls while using WhatsApp? Whether it’s telemarketers, spammers, or simply contacts you wish to avoid, receiving unsolicited audio and video calls can disrupt your peace.

If you’re seeking a solution to this annoyance, look no further than the “Call Block for WA: Audio-Video” app, available on the Google Play Store.

This innovative call block developed by Appsol Techno, allows users to take control of their WhatsApp communication by blocking specific contacts or unknown numbers from reaching them via audio or video calls.

With over 1K downloads since its recent launch, this app has quickly gained popularity among WhatsApp users seeking to manage their incoming calls more effectively.

Play Store Details For Whatsapp Call Block Android App 2024

Publish byGoogle Play Store
DeveloperWhatsapp Video and Audio Call Block
Nowadays Installs1K
Released onJun 28, 2023

The Whatsapp Video and Audio Call Block app’s functionality is straightforward and user-friendly. Users can choose from various options to disable or block WhatsApp voice and video calls:

All Calls: Disable voice and video calls for all contacts, including known and unknown numbers.

Unknown Numbers: Block voice and video calls from unidentified numbers.

My Contacts: Block audio and video calls from specific contacts in your WhatsApp list.

Custom List: Create a personalized blacklist by adding contacts, unknown numbers, or group names to block.

WhatsApp Video and Audio Call Block App Free 2024
WhatsApp Video and Audio Call Block App Image (Play Store)
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One cool thing about this WhatsApp call block app is that it works for both regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp businesses. You can also choose if you want to block voice calls, video calls, or both. Plus, you can set times for when calls should be automatically blocked, so you’re not bothered when you don’t want to be.

The app makes it easy to see who you’ve blocked and when they’ve tried to call you. And don’t worry – your info is safe because the app doesn’t store any of your personal stuff. It’s also important to know that this app isn’t connected to WhatsApp itself.

So, if you’re tired of unwanted calls on WhatsApp, try out the “Call Block for WA: Audio-Video” app. It’s simple to use and can make your messaging experience a lot more peaceful. Download it from the Play Store today and take back control of your calls!

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Say goodbye to spam calls and hello to a quieter WhatsApp with this handy app!