Discover MobiDrive: Free Cloud Storage App

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App Size: 42MB
Offered By: MobiSystems
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App Official Site: MobiSystems
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Released On: April 28, 2021
Last Update: April 4, 2024

What is MobiDrive?

MobiDrive is a FREE CLOUD STORAGE app. It helps you save and manage your files. You get a SECURE DRIVE with AMPLE STORAGE and no ads. Here is why you will love MobiDrive.

MobiDrive Cloud Storage & Sync


MobiDrive gives you 20GB FREE CLOUD STORAGE when you sign up. There are NO ADS and no hidden costs. You can easily SYNC and BACKUP any file, like photos, videos, or documents.

If you need more space, you can upgrade to UP TO 2TB of storage.


With MobiDrive, it’s easy to access your files. You can SYNC and BACKUP your files quickly. This keeps your PHOTOS and VIDEOS up-to-date. You can use MobiDrive on any MOBILE DEVICE, WINDOWS PC, or BROWSER.


MobiDrive supports all major file types, making it great for PHOTOS, VIDEOS, and documents. You can even CONVERT FILES TO 1200+ FORMATS with a premium feature, ensuring they always work.

The app helps you stay organized with Collections, which group your files by type. The Recent Files section makes it easy to find files you used recently.


If you delete a file by mistake, you can restore it from the Bin section. You can also access old versions of any file, so your files are always safe.

Files are protected for 30 DAYS, so even if you delete or change a file, you can get it back.


Sharing files with MobiDrive is easy. You can SYNC your drive files on any device and create download links to share files quickly. Share your photos or videos with friends and family in seconds.

MobiDrive includes ‘Shared with me’ and ‘Shared by me’ sections to keep track of shared files. You can also mark files as available ‘Offline’ for use without the internet. Sharing files as attachments is another option.


Upgrade to MobiDrive Premium and get extra features:

  • Up to 2TB Cloud Storage: More space for all your files.
  • 180 Days of File Protection: Keep deleted files and old versions safe for 180 days.
  • Convert Files in 1200+ Formats: Make sure your files always work.
  • Premium OfficeSuite Office Pack: Get better integration with OfficeSuite to manage your office files.

MobiDrive is a RELIABLE and SECURE cloud storage app that offers 20GB FREE storage. It’s easy to use for saving, syncing, and sharing files. Whether you need space for PHOTOS, VIDEOS, or documents, MobiDrive is perfect for you.

Download MobiDrive today from the Play Store and enjoy easy, secure, and ad-free cloud storage!