Control Your Data Usage with Internet Blocker

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Today, many apps use your internet without you knowing. This can waste your data and battery. If you want to stop this, try Internet Blocker.

What is Internet Blocker?

Internet Blocker is an app you can download from the Play Store. Made by superappsdev, it helps you block internet access for certain apps. Over 500,000 people have already downloaded it. It’s small, only 5MB, but very useful.

How Does it Work?

Internet Blocker is easy to use. You can quickly choose which apps you want to stop from using the internet. This helps you save data, battery, and keep your privacy.

Key Features:

  1. Simple to Use: Just tap a switch to block the internet for any app. It’s very easy, no need to be a tech expert.
  2. No Root Needed: You don’t need to root your phone. It works on any Android phone with version 5.1 or higher.
  3. Save Battery and Data: By blocking the internet for some apps, you save battery and data.
  4. Easy On/Off Switch: If you want to allow internet access again, just turn off Internet Blocker with one tap.

Why Use Internet Blocker?

Internet Blocker is simple and doesn’t need any special setup. It’s also safe and follows Google’s developer rules.

Start Saving Your Data Today!

If you’re tired of apps using your internet and battery, try Internet Blocker. Download it from the Play Store now and control your internet use.

Your data is important. With Internet Blocker, you can protect it easily.

For more details on Google’s rules for apps, visit here.

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  • Released on: Nov 5, 2018 | Last Update: Jul 29, 2023