Bringing Back Nokia Vibes: Nokia Launcher

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Do you miss the old Nokia phones? Want the sturdy keypad and simple screens back? Well, now you can! The Nokia Launcher app turns your Android phone into a Nokia-like one.

What’s Nokia Launcher?

Nokia Launcher is an app on the Play Store. It makes your Android phone look like an old Nokia. Southern Studio made it, and lots of people downloaded it since it came out on December 27, 2022.

How Does It Work?

Once you install it, Nokia Launcher changes how your phone looks. It brings back the old keypad, classic screens, and even the Snake game. You can set up your screen to look like the old Nokia, with the T9 keypad and all your apps in one place.

Key Features

  • Nokia Theme: Makes your phone look like the old Nokia.
  • Hard Keys Simulator: Lets you press keys on your screen like a real keypad.
  • Web Browser: You can surf the web with an old Nokia-style browser.
  • Old Camera Style: Take pictures with a square camera like the old Nokias.
  • Snake ’97: Play the original Snake game like back in the day.
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Customization Options

Nokia Launcher lets you choose different old Nokia models. You can also change things like wallpapers and phone names to make it your own.

Why Choose Nokia Launcher?

If you miss the simple and strong Nokia phones, Nokia Launcher is for you. It brings back the old Nokia feel but works on your touchscreen phone too.

How to Get Nokia Launcher?

You can find Nokia Launcher on the Play Store. Download it, set it as your main screen, and enjoy the old Nokia style on your Android phone!

Final Thoughts

Nokia Launcher gives you the best of both worlds: the charm of old Nokia phones with the features of modern smartphones. Get Nokia Launcher now and travel back in time with your Android!

For more info, visit the official site or email the developer at Check out the app policy too.

Relive the Nokia days with Nokia Launcher!