Best Incoming Call Lock App 2024!

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Are you concerned about your privacy when it comes to incoming calls? Look no further! We’ve found the perfect solution for you. Presenting the Incoming Call Lock app, available on the Play Store, developed by Couchgram Co., Ltd.

This app ensures that your incoming calls are protected and private, giving you complete control over who can access them.

What is Incoming Call Lock?

Publish byPlay Store
DeveloperCouchgram Co., Ltd.
Nowadays Installs10M+
Released onJan 11, 2015

Incoming Call Lock is a handy application designed to give you full privacy control over your incoming calls. With features like setting your own password or using your fingerprint to protect incoming calls, you can rest assured that your conversations remain confidential. (*Note: Fingerprint lock feature is available on Android 6.0 devices with fingerprint sensors.)

Key Features:

  1. Call Privacy: Set a password or use your fingerprint to secure incoming calls.
  2. Hide Caller ID: Change or hide the caller’s name or number on the incoming call screen.
  3. App Lock: Protect your phone logs, messages, media, and apps with a password or fingerprint.
  4. Intruder Detection: Take a picture of anyone trying to snoop on your phone.
  5. Speed Booster: Clean memory and speed up your device for smoother performance.
  6. Call Log Auto Delete: Automatically delete call logs to maintain privacy.
  7. Incoming Call Wallpapers: Customize your incoming call screen with unique wallpapers.
  8. Privacy Screen Filter: Use a screen filter to prevent others from seeing your screen.

Why Choose Incoming Call Lock?

Privacy is a top priority, especially in today’s digital age where our personal information is at risk. Incoming Call Lock offers a comprehensive solution to safeguard your incoming calls and other sensitive data on your device.

Whether you’re worried about unauthorized access or simply value your privacy, this app has got you covered.

Permissions Required:

To function effectively, Incoming Call Lock requires certain permissions such as device and app history, identity, contacts, SMS, phone, photos/media/files, and storage.

These permissions are necessary for the app to provide its intended features, such as app lock, call privacy, and customization options.

Connect with Couchgram:

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the Incoming Call Lock app, you can reach out to Couchgram Co., Ltd. via email at


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to protect your incoming calls and maintain privacy on your device, look no further than Incoming Call Lock.

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it’s undoubtedly the best choice for securing your personal conversations and data. Download Incoming Call Lock today from the Play Store and take control of your privacy!

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