Best Caller Name Announcer App In 2024!

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Where smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, staying connected is essential. However, with the constant influx of calls and messages, it’s not always convenient or safe to check our devices.

That’s where Caller Name Announcer comes in – a top-tier Android Tools application designed to make your life easier and safer.

Available exclusively on the Play Store, Caller Name Announcer, developed by AnyDroid Technology Pvt Ltd, boasts over 10 million downloads and has quickly become a go-to solution for users seeking a reliable caller ID announcer.

With its compact size of just 13MB, it’s light on your device’s resources while delivering powerful functionality.

Released on December 28, 2015, and regularly updated to meet evolving user needs, Caller Announcer is a testament to its developer’s commitment to excellence.

It’s clear that this Caller Name Announcer app aims to enhance the user experience with each update.

The primary function of Caller Announcer is to announce the caller’s name the moment you receive an incoming call or text message.

This feature is not only convenient, but also promotes safer driving practices by allowing you to interact with your device hands-free.

Setting up Caller Name Announcer is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive interface. Users can easily customize their announcer preferences and details within the app, ensuring a personalized experience.

Whether you prefer announcements for calls, SMS, or both, this app has you covered.

2024 Selected Play Store Caller Name Announcer App

Publish byCaller Name Announcer App
DeveloperAnyDroid Technology Pvt Ltd
Nowadays Installs10M+
Released onDec 28, 2015

Key features of Caller Name Announcer include:

Call and SMS Announcements: Receive loud and clear announcements for incoming calls and text messages. The app can even announce the content of SMS messages, providing valuable context at a glance.

Customization Options: Tailor the announcement speed and volume to suit your preferences. Caller ID Announcer works seamlessly in all modes, including Ring, Silent, and Vibrate, ensuring you never miss an important notification.

Multi-Language Support: With support for various languages and Text-to-Speech (TTS) engines, Caller Name Announcer caters to a diverse user base, making it accessible to individuals worldwide.

Flashlight Alerts: In addition to audio announcements, the app offers visual alerts through flash patterns for incoming calls, SMS, and notifications. This feature is particularly handy in noisy environments or for users with hearing impairments.

Contact Settings: Customize alerts for specific contacts by disabling announcements or flash alerts, or setting custom names for individual numbers. This level of control ensures that you stay informed while minimizing distractions.

As the developer behind Caller Name Announcer, AnyDroid Technology Pvt Ltd, prioritizes user satisfaction and welcomes feedback from the community.

Users are encouraged to leave reviews on the Play Store to share their experiences and suggestions for further improvements.

It’s worth noting that Caller Name Announcer adheres to Google’s developer content policy. Ensuring a safe and trustworthy experience for all users. For more information on Google’s recommended policies for app developers, you can visit here.

If you’re in search of a reliable caller ID announcer app that enhances convenience and safety, look no further than Caller Name Announcer.

With its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and frequent updates, it’s the perfect companion for staying connected on the go. Download Caller Name Announcer today and experience the difference for yourself!